The Safe Way to Store & Carry EpiPens®

Child-Resistant | Waterproof | Strong

Protect kids and keep medicine secure

For EpiPens and other epinephrine and insulin pen auto-injectors


Why NefCase?

Within seconds of receiving an EpiPen Trainer, my two-year-old son had removed the blue safety cap. I immediately got to work designing a safe, child-resistant carrying case to keep kids safe.

What Others Are Saying

“What a great way to safely travel with an EpiPen and small children ;-)”

Angela P.

“As an outdoor enthusiast and an individual allergic to bees, this product is a must have for hiking!”

Joe F.

“So simple and easy to use. I love it!!”

Bethany A.

“I have been looking all over for an easy-to-use child resistant case for my EpiPens.  This is exactly what I have been looking for!”

Shari T.

“I no longer worry about my son taking out the EpiPen from the diaper bag and playing with it.  I can now safely carry my EpiPen!”

Amber Z.

Learn More About Our Story

After a doctor visit proved a two-year-old was more than capable of removing the blue safety cap on a bright colorful EpiPen® trainer, we knew parents needed a safer way to carry an EpiPen®. The case also needed to be intuitive because seconds matter in an anaphylactic emergency. NefCase is a robust container (think Nalgene® bottle) with an easy to use Tylenol® type child-resistant cap.

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