Our Story

Our business and its principals were started based on our family values

Hi, I ‘m Jason, dad and founder of NefCase. I also would like to introduce you to my wife Allyson, son Zac and daughter Emma.

While at a family cabin in central Minnesota, I was eating cashews and using the classic cabin “napkin” – my shirt. Shortly after, I was playing, running and wrestling with Zac, who was nearly two years old. After a few minutes, I noticed his face was full of hives. I quickly found some Benadryl® and gave him a dose. Luckily the Benadryl® kicked in shortly after and he recovered quickly.

When we got back into town, Allyson scheduled an appointment with the allergist.

The allergist confirmed Zac is allergic to cashews, and the doctor prescribed an EpiPen®.  Prior to leaving, the doctor gave us a demonstration on how to use the EpiPen® with a trainer. This caught Zac’s interest immediately, and he asked to play with it. Within seconds of receiving it, he pulled off the blue safety cap and was running around with a ready-to-fire (trainer) EpiPen®.

As a worried dad, I couldn’t help but think about what would happen if this occurred with the real EpiPen®. As an engineer and a husband of a registered nurse, we knew there had to be a better way. We were very surprised by the lack of safe, child-resistant options for carrying case. I immediately began designing and came up with a working prototype in a week. The NefCase is child-resistant, yet easy and intuitive for adults to open within seconds during an emergency, even without instructions. That’s crucial if you are in a panic.

Our goal is to make sure every family has access to life-saving medication, without the fear of children getting their hands on it and getting hurt.

We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Jason & Family

What Others Are Saying

“What a great way to safely travel with an EpiPen and small children ;-)”

Angela P.

“As an outdoor enthusiast and an individual allergic to bees, this product is a must have for hiking!”

Joe F.

“So simple and easy to use. I love it!!”

Bethany A.

“I have been looking all over for an easy-to-use child resistant case for my EpiPens.  This is exactly what I have been looking for!”

Shari T.

“I no longer worry about my son taking out the EpiPen from the diaper bag and playing with it.  I can now safely carry my EpiPen!”

Amber Z.

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